Rip Resistant Industrial Nitrile Gloves

  • Premium, 2-Layer, Heavy-Duty 6mil Nitrile
  • Rip, tear, and puncture resistant
  • Fully textured for better grip
  • 9.5” Long
  • Latex-Free, Powder Free, Fits either hand
  • Great for automotive,marine, mechanical, construction, janitorial, plumbing, painting and more.

Available Sizes

One Size Fits Most



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Cut my hand but glove remained intact.

    

Best gloves, hands down. I use them for every tough and dirty job. I became a believer after a buddy gave me a top of the line grill (it had seen better days.) While cleaning the inside my hand caught a sharp rusted metal piece. Felt the instant pain of flesh being cut. Upon inspection of the glove, not even a tear. Took the glove off, and I was bleeding from a nice laceration. No tetanus shot needed because the glove never broke. Moral of the story, they might not stop you from getting cut but you can be damn sure they’ll protect you from being exposed to some nasty stuff…Read full review on Amazon

Awesome for every purpose, work with touchscreens.

    

I’m an amateur woodworker, an avid fisherman and hunter…we have 3 dogs and a three year old. I do most of my own car maintenance, and lots of work on my very antique home. These gloves are there for every step of the way…

…They offer a very tactile finish, grip is NOT compromised. In fact, I find that I can actually unscrew the oil filter on the car more easily with these than with my Mechanix gloves. …Read full review on Amazon

they’re awesome. I use them all the time when working.

    

I use them all the time when working on my cars. They don’t fall apart like most other gloves, they’re thick enough that you can avoid most scraps and scratches without tears or injury, there’s good tactile feel through them and they don’t restrict your movement. They don’t make my hands hot like others will, and they’re not greasy or powdery so I can get right to work without worrying about my grip. They’re durable enough to wear underneath work gloves when you need to put some on for something more dangerous or sharp, and so far I haven’t found anything that affects them. … Read full review on Amazon

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