Splash Protection Gloves

  • Premium, thick 13 mil latex
  • 12" length, extra-long cuff
  • Rip, tear and puncture resistant
  • Textured fingers for grip
  • Powder Free, Fits either hand
  • Great for automotive, marine, mechanical, construction, janitorial, plumbing, painting and more. Finish the toughest jobs with a single pair of gloves.

Available Sizes

One Size Fits Most



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Latex gloves have come such a long way, they actually fit, have traction on the fingertips, and I can feel things while working. These are remarkable excellent gloves. I have really big hands; most vinyl or latex gloves are a pain to wear. These slide on easily and don’t present too much resistance so my hands get worn out. … Each finger is long enough so that I can flex my hand easily. The cuff is enough to cover my wrist and slightly up my arm – these aren’t rubber glove dish washing long. The thing that amazes me is the dexterity I have with the gloves. That little bit of texture allows me to pick up small parts easily. …Read full review on Amazon

Thick and protect the wrist.

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I tested these in my workshop, garden and kitchen. They are smooth, but not slick. They do grip whether wet or dry and do reasonably well when covered with moist dirt. The shop test for rubber-type gloves is sanding – and these hold up well to the gripping and use of various grits of sandpaper. …I tried various normal garden duties and they worked fine, plus they do better than other of this type around rose bushes. That extra thickness, along with the added length, really helps with those stickers… In the kitchen, these work well. Though not as long as some, they did well with the dishes. Also, they held up to scouring powder and pumice products. …Read full review on Amazon

Handy dandy gloves

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These are nice protective gloves that will really get the job done. They are heavier than regular disposable gloves (think the kind used at the doctor’s office) and lighter weight than the heavy duty yellow cleaning gloves everyone is familiar with. Both my husband and I have big hands and the gloves fit – snugly but they went on easily. They also cover the wrist area a couple of inches down from the hands. We are using these when dumping the black/grey water from our travel trailer. Heavy-duty yet maneuverable. …Read full review on Amazon

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