Flexible Fit Industrial Latex Gloves

  • Premium, Heavy Duty, 8 mil natural latex
  • Rip, tear, and puncture resistant
  • Form-fitting, flexible latex for extended wear times
  • Textured fingers for grip
  • 9.5” Long
  • Powder Free, Fits either hand
  • Great for automotive, marine, mechanical, construction, janitorial, plumbing, painting and more.

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Definitely worth the extra cost!

    

My husband uses latex gloves when he’s working on motorcycle parts, and I use them when I’m painting with oil paints and stains…these are not only thicker, they have a better fit, are more comfortable to wear, and also have a pebbled non-slip surface on the fingertips. That alone is worth the extra cost, but even better, these last forever! After I’m done using them, if they’re not too soiled I simply sprinkle some baby powder inside and they’re ready for the next messy project. …Read full review on Amazon

Perfect for use around our camper. Very tear resistant.

    

These are well made latex gloves. … They are 8 mil thick, which is a bit more than twice the thickness of standard “exam” gloves. This makes them particularly useful in situations when there is a chance of snagging them on sharp objects. We use them for chores around our camper. They are perfect for cleaning and greasing our hitch, working with our sewer hoses, and cleaning exterior items. The increased snag resistance is much appreciated since there are some sharp edges around a camper…Grip is significantly improved, particularly in wet areas. …Read full review on Amazon

I Only Use These!

    

Very good quality gloves. I use them all day around the house and the garage and they hold up to the work. Even carrying firewood hasn’t pierced or torn them yet. Yard work. Kitchen work. Changing Oil. Working with weed killers etc… I used them today when I did my spring preparation on the old Swamp Cooler which will be needed by the end of the month in Colorado. There are several sharp edges and places to ding your hands and these much thicker than store brand latex gloves hold up really well and protect your hands from the elements and chemicals we all have to use at home these days. …Read full review on Amazon

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